Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My favorite surf shop, reinvented...

Pacific Beach Surf Shop is proud to announce the opening of the Action Sports Environmental Coalition GREENROOM within the shop. The shop undergoing a remodel that will include an organic and sustainable clothing section, a stage to host LIVE music, film and speaking events and a new surfboard gallery to showcase San Diego's best and most creative shapers.
PB surfshop's Grand Reopening PARTY!!!!
Pacific Beach Surf Shop has embraced the environmental and sustainable movement by highlighting such brands as eVocal, Ando & Friends, Livity, Hippy Tree, IPath and more! All these brands use only Organic cottons or hemp and are part of a growing trend of young socially conscious companies that promote surf art and a life style with an eye on the environment. As San Diego's oldest surf shop it only seems right that P.B. Surf Shop would be the 1st surf shop to embrace the green movement in the area.

Party Start's November 21st 2009
6:00pm - 11:00pm

This party will be the start of a new experience for you at the shop as we move forward as our goal to be the
"community surf shop" that will bring a wide range of events to the surf and beach community. For more information on the event please call us at (858)373-1138.

Our Address is:

4150 Mission Blvd. #161 San Diego Ca 92109

Live Music & Art Exhibit
Live Music by: Human Lab , and other surprise guests...

Live Art by: Jesse Miller, Theo Hetherington & other eVocal artists....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


DT a surfer who shapes. He won "board of the show" or some such award at Sacred Craft. Photo Marsek

"You can only become a Jedi when you can craft your own light saber."

-RK as quoted by Daniel Thomson. We had a chuckle about this line, but how true it is...

I spent some time talking with Daniel "Tomo" Thomson at his short-term surfdorm residence in deepest, darkest North County San Diego. His is a fantastically hydra-headed story. Part Greenough neophyte, part fish-renaissance inspiration, part shredding bro/brah, part visionary shaper of the moment. Undeniably, he is a surfer. The most refreshing piece of our conversation was his view of himself not as a shaper but as a fully involved surfer. He just loves surfing so much that he wants to understand and explore all it's facets. He shapes because he surfs. He shapes because it gives him entrance into realms of new capabilities.

I have a friend who is an average surfer, much like myself. He got the bug to shape his own fishy and set to work in my "shaping bay" (bwahaha). The boards he made are not the prettiest, but they're his. Note to all: shape your own board, at least once. It will at least give you an appreciation for the undeniable skill of the shapers who put boards under our feet. Maybe, just maybe, it will fulfill the part of you that Tomo speaks about, the part that is in search of a complete involvement with surfing in its nebulous, beautiful forms.