Sunday, February 3, 2008

But it's raining...

Courtesy of Sissyfish

If you can time it just right. If you can peek out your window and measure the wind. If you can check the tide and swell. If you can narrow down the list to THE spot. If you can pick the board that can handle the chop/wind/mess. If you can change your wetsuit in the wet. If you can brave the runoff stew. If you can surf in the rain then...

You might catch a few sandbar beauties with only a handful of other people, all of whom you know. You might trade boards with a friend (sick little J.Hall quad fish). You might wipe out ingloriously. You might hoot or be hooted for. You might trade in a board for a bag and slide around happily while the rain continues to fall.

Or you might get hepatitis.

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