Tuesday, March 4, 2008


From the Kidman files

I stumbled upon Mick Mackie's website and wondered to myself, "Why have I not been to Australia?" This guy's website is flush with interesting personal and regional information as well as pictures of those remarkable "side cut" or "parabolic" fishies seen ridden by Garth Dickenson in Glass Love. I loved Garth's take on fish projection. Compress, extend. So fluid, simple, and true to the design.

Plus, he's got a killer shot of a vintage Steve Lis ultra- projected bottom turn lurking on the site.


clayfin said...

That has to be the best shaper web site ever. Thanks for the link and sorry to hear about Max.

Parallel Universe said...

Michael Mackie is a very interesting guy, and a true original thinker. He rips on his flextail sidecut fish.
You should start planning a trip to Oz in time for next years Fish Fry on the Goldy. Come and surf good waves, meet interesting people and their demented boards, watch the pros do battle at Snapper.

asmith said...

True, best shaper website ever. I wonder how much time/money went into it. I love the influences and vintage pics.

I will consider myself invited to Oz. The east coast is definitely on my to do list. I love right points. I'll skip the s'bank and head north.