Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mat Meet...

None of the above miscreants will likely be attending. Will you?

The date and location for a San Diego/ Southern California meeting of the mat-minded is just about finalized. May 3rd, early until the wind kills it at North Torrey Pines Beach. Location chosen in order to have multiple options for waves without obtrusively horning in on locals at their spots. All interested are welcome as there likely will be mats to try out. Should be a touch of swell as well.

North Torrey Pines:
Exit carmel valley road (in Del Mar, just North of San Diego) off of the 5
Head west (surprise!)

Three parking options-
1- Park in the state beach lot, far north end and walk under the bridge to the beachbreak. I think, but am not sure, that if you arrive before the state employees then you don't have to pay. I would double check.
2- Head farther up carmel valley road and park on the west side by all the chaparal and the auto repair place. Take the trail just north of the auto place down, under the bridge, and to the beachbreak.
3- Head still farther up carmel valley road and merge right onto torrey pines road. park on the west side of torrey pines road and walk down the cliff on the trail to the south end- emerging next to the bridge and the beachbreak.


soul glider said...

can old fat people show? i'm old and fat and i have a mat. i've only ridden it twice, its a cheapy from u.s. marine, the store, not the guy. it feels soft and cozy and was fun. is there a time when you're meeting. thanks, signed, old fat guy. http://www.bellyboardspaiposandkneeboards.blogspot.com/

asmith said...

All are welcome! It will be fun to see who appears and what the waves have planned for us. I'll do a surf check daily(near my work) and update as we get closer to the date.

We'll meet early and surf until the wind kills it. Chat on the beach and so on...

clayfin said...

I can't believe I'm going to miss this event!