Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Autumnal melancholy...

Azure Vista
Check your chakra
Archie's regular footed twin
Downhill from my alma mater

This day, one of many, marks the official beginning of my professional year. I load into the car and drive to my coastal school. I smile and prepare for small lives to walk through my door. I puzzle over how best to engage young minds and inspire mindful living.

I find a corner of my mind in which to replay my summer days. This corner, solar powered, is always glowing.

I smell the salt and the seaweed in the air and take a walk to the edge of my school's playground. There, a trail into a sacred space. There, a view to the sacred sea.

The swells roll in. The crowds roll out. Who says the seasons don't change in San Diego?
Northwest. Three to five. Santa Ana. 58 degrees. A favorite reef on the mat. A favorite sandbar on the fishy. A "walk-in" wave on a thruster.

Yes, back to work for me. I've lessons to plan. I mean sessions.


Ian said...

Go home Nazbos! ;-)

asmith said...

PB grown. Went to school at UCSD. I actually applied to PLNU just for proximity to those waves. However, being a Triton had its perks just a walk away...

Ian said...

Sweet... I am a third generation Azure Vistian, my mom grew up there and my parents met because my dad would visit, to go surf, his best friend who went to Cal Western. I too went to UCSD, and lived in the dorms and apartments at Muir.... so we have a few things in common.

I still don't like the Nazbos, though. For the most part the students are super nice and respectful, but the administration doesn't show much respect for the locals. I hope the city takes back the field and parking when the lease is up.

jb said...

I absolutely agree with you about the seasons in SD. People always hassle me how the weather is the same year round, we have no seasons in San Diego, etc. Yes, it can be subtle, but surfing ties us into these subtleties that many miss. It's the light, the water temp and color, swell directions, crowds, the smells in the air, etc.

They're there. Good post.

Dan Marinelli said...

19 days until equinox, the the world will be right side up again.