Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fragile moments...

At one North County break a surfer called Skip a kook and told him, "When I tell you to kick out, you kick out!". The worst part, nobody clued the offending surfer in. (photo BA)

The final fling before I'm back to the 7-3:30. Three morning sessions in a row lead me to North County locations that I seldom frequent. These are waves that people talk about with a smile but never in serious tones. Inconsequential waves of summer south swell fun. The fishies and mat had a minor feast.

But really, every time I visit North County San Diego I am profoundly aware that the quality of the waves are not matched by the general quality of the surfers. Two of the sessions I surfed this week ranked in my list of top three kookiest lineups ever (you mean you don't keep a list?). I've encountered more SUP misbehavior, more lineup lunacy, and more bizarre surfing in North County than I imagined possible. North County surfers of quality, will you please do more to keep your lineups and surfers accountable. Thanks.

You have to understand, I surf a Drive Through break about fifty percent of my sessions. I deal with kooky lineups all the time. But North County, you've got to get your act together. I'll be checking in on your progress during the school year. Thanks.

Nice waves, handle with care.

I've been stung four times by bees as I've walked the beach this summer. Karma?
I broke the box and fin out of my favorite JHall fishy for the second time this year while pulling into little beachy barrels this morning. Karma?
Shuffle your feet, ASmith. Shuffle your feet.

Yes, I'll name the spots. Poops, Crowdiff, and Qualcomm Reef/Beachy.

3 comments: said...

So spot on. I live there, I do all I can, I'm just one man... Rk said he's never had a fun wave at Cardiff. I believe him... Try turtles or 8560's, If you see me ... Jhall fisher as well, say hi, I'll do the same.

Dan Marinelli said...

I agree with you and I attribute it to the lagoon effect. Once you get north of Soledad creek things get weird. Having grown up there and seen the transformation of the landscape, I witnessed a subsequent transformation in the lineups. Lagoons attracted home builders, poorly built/ overpriced houses attracted yuppies from across the country then yuppies and their offspring clog the lineup with kookdom. North of Buena Vista, things get a lot less kooky and things are tightly regulated, I assure you.

borntoloser said...

It's good to hear from some NCounty dudes. I'm going to take your word for it, Dan. And I have had good waves at Crowdiff. And I think you're right about the McMansion effect. Starbucks? check. Aloha sticker? check. 9'6 noserider that will never be noseridden? check.