Monday, August 3, 2009

Comflex reasoning...

Pendo most likely via Cher.

The new TSJ arrives. I love that white envelope. Inside are the usual suspects. I line them up and analyze each one thoroughly. Melanesia looks unbelievable. Alter's story gives me nostalgia for the days from before I was born. I sensed the stoke in the womb.

I come across an article about flex. Pendo is a contributing voice. He's one of my favorite Sin Diego surf characters. The 'stache is just so enamored of surfing and surfcraft it makes me giggle. I don't think I'll soon forget doing figure eights on a wave with our surfmats, bouncing off each other and grinning like my son on the bumpercars at Belmont. It's no surprise he's into the mat. He understands about variable flex. He and Stanley Pleskunas are a couple of minds on the hunt. His mind is always flexing. Take a wander over to his new site created by RR of 70%.

A bit of a surfing hiatus this last week while I enjoyed time with my family by the poolside on vacation. GG can now swim about eight feet underwater pretty comfortably. Tomorrow a bit of snorkeling and a GLIDE session. life is hard.


pranaglider said...

Underwater is the best!

I really missed it, next time for sure!

jeff said...

Just got a new mat...need some intro tips...let me know where you're headed next, I'll try to meet you...late, jeff

Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Hey, Andy, thanks for the thoughtful post.
Mahalo and Cowa-flexit!

borntoloser said...

Prana- yesterday was the Grom's first mat wave.

Jeff- I'll drop you a line soonish.

Pendos- my pleasure. Thanks for being really stoked and nice.

borntoloser said...

Jeff- I lost your contact info. Email me borntoloser at gmail