Friday, May 23, 2008

Dreaming on...

Shaped out of an old stripped board using hand tools.

Painted in my school's art room during a few lunchtimes.

The inspirational grom himself!

I'm dreaming for my son. A cleaner world with sweet shoulder high peelers everywhere you look. A mellow crowd giggling at each other's kookiness and hooting for the every-hero. A wave shared with me, him ripping past me and making me remember my "good ol' years". Creativity and choice, balance between productivity and beauty. I'm dreaming of a thousand beachside smiles and some miles on the hiking trails. "Hey, Dad, how much farther?" "We're there already." Really, we are.


Mick said...

Great post. Love the board and it's a dream I know I share.

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful. your son is adorable. we share this dream too. thank you for sharing. Heather and Erik- MI