Saturday, December 1, 2007

In search of...

The Surfer's Journal is my favorite read. There are a couple of articles/issues that have slipped into the crannies of domestic life and time that I would love to read once again. I've checked with my buddies, most of whom are more prone to read the "Tiger Beat" and
"Seventeen" versions of surf periodicals, and found nothing. If you live in the Sin Diego area and wouldn't mind letting me peruse an old copy I would be very grateful. I know this violates statute 13.a, section 5 of Blog Law- "To meet another online entity is to reveal truth both favorable and unseemly and shall therefore be avoided". I'll take my chances. Thanks in advance.
Articles of interest:

- Boat camp article
- Mat riding article
- Hidden California (written by Kew, I believe)

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LESider said...

I've just read the mat and boat articles this past week!
Sorry to tell you that I'm in NYC or you would be more than welcome to peruse them.