Friday, January 2, 2009


Resolutions work for me. I make them about goals for personal growth. I make them about the mundane and the really quite important. They work. Last year I made a few with good results.
I can now touch my toes. I give a wave away every session. I listen more thoughtfully. I always double check my car doors when leaving a board inside during a session. Alas, with my wife going back to work, I was unable to surf more.

With little fanfare. Here are this years' batch of resolutions.

1. Create more, consume less. Purposefully broad in scope and hopefully in application. I taught someone to surf on January first. I officially created more stoke and, I suppose, a more crowded lineup. Sorry.
2. Surf more. I'm two for two so far in 2009!
3. Give thanks. Thanks.

"You're #11 on the list." Mrs. Lis, regarding a certain beachbreak fishy I'm anticipating.


Patch said...

Andy. Best to you in the new year!

jb said...

4. Drink more tea.

I'm just saying...

Anonymous said...

maybe wear a leash when you get your new Lis so it will last many yrs... I do. GREAT SITE! :)

borntoloser said...

patch- likewise.

jb- I've got a visit to Halcyon in the works with my tea-o-phile mom.

anon- I've taken to leashing up at rocky breaks now. I just can't do it at a beachbreak unless there's a lot of water moving or too many people. It feels too strange.