Saturday, October 13, 2007

Any log heads?

I have had this 60's Harbour for a while. Found in a trash can. Surfed it while it had gashes and no fin. My buddy Matt restored it-partially. I'm ready to hand it off to someone who will finish the job and enjoy the board. If you love logs let me know and perhaps you can have a new (old) one.


vasco said...

love all of my 4 logs and other people´s too...LOL

cloud said...

Nice. Keep posting pics of your boards. I know you've got some gems stashed away. thanks

Worm said...

how much were you looking to get rid of the board for. i may be interested and able to finish the restoration

asmith said...

Hey Worm!

Trade me something interesting or a little chunk of cash. I'm more interested in getting it to someone who will appreciate it than making a killing on it. You can get a hold of me at