Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Frye please?

Photo usurped by force from SurfySurfy
I am currently on a hunt for a Frye Fish. I have/had fish shapes from many notable shapers but somehow never found my feet sliding on a Frye. I don't know Skip. I have friends that do but I'm not one to impose my dreams on others' pragmatism. When I see Skip in the lineup I smile and admire- I would never presume to grovel in hopes of a board (although it has crossed my mind). If you happen upon some fortunate Frye owner in need of a quick payday please contact me. Heck, if you happen to read this, Skip, take favor upon a keel loving surfer! I'll bring you a blank, a donut and a pile of stoke! I went to Mission Bay too! I was a distance runner! Please!


jeff said...

Any luck? My friend lucked out and got one this past summer and has rode it pretty much exclusivly. I had J.Hall shape me a quad, but I'm going to have him shape me a keel as well. good luck

asmith said...

No luck as of yet. The search continues. I have several keels I like, just want to try a Frye.

clayfin said...

nice blog. I would love to hear about the bottom contours and rails on that Frye egg below. I am getting ready to shape an egg and am still defining those aspects. If you want I can be e-mailed at clayfin at yahoo dotcom.