Friday, October 26, 2007

This was me this morning...

Ripping on my fishy,

Ruling with fins only,

half-man, all momentum!

Or maybe that's Rasta, Stewart and Greenough taken from other sites.
It was a fun surf this morning. My spot had some long sandbars and lots of space. Smoke seems to be clearing up a bit, too. Keep looking for that board!


wedge said...

Dang Andy are those all your lis boards up against that garage? or is that steves house. I'm Sorry but my only lis fish never leaves my sight at the beach. I only hope you find your board and smarten up a bit. If I see your board in san diego I'll snatch it up now or even years to come and get it back to you. I have this site saved in my favorites. It does look like your a little spoiled. or is it I'm envious I did lose my fry to a garage fire which come to think of it inspires me to keep my lis in the house.

asmith said...

No, those fish leaning against the garage are a batch Steve made in winter '06. He just sent me the pic. I think I'm pretty smart. I guess everyone leaves a door unlocked sometime. It just happens that my time was unfortunate. I am spoiled- but not because of boards My entire surfable quiver right now is four boards. Life is just good. Good wife, good kid, good job, healthy, a few days to surf now and then. Life is good.