Monday, October 8, 2007

Board gone bad

This is a handshaped "bonzer" from Manuel Caro at Mandala surfboards. I ended up with it after trading a handshaped Christenson Slider that was just too much board for me. The bonzer turned out great. Flexy twang off the bottom, high line heaven, nice carves for a fish with 7 1/2-8" pin to pin. A real keeper.

Labor day trip to Baja ended up with some fun swell. Hit a point and a beachy with the bonzer. last surf of the trip I am getting back on the board after kicking out. I slide my hand up the rail and gouge a very large cut into my finger with the side runners! Session ended.

A week or so later I go to take the little bonzer out in some appropriate conditions. Mental block. Psychological trauma. I can't pull the trigger. I pull out a different board. Visions of lacerations dance through...

Board is sold.


pointsurfbaja said...

I've done the same, especially on bonzers. An easy fix is just grab some 400 grit wet dry sandpaper and wet sand the edge of the fins to round them out a little. That will actuall even be better for the water flow around the fin. Get back on the horse bro.

asmith said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Next Bonzer will be a good wave board. I'll use the sandpaper and be careful with my digits.